Our Services


NITEC services encompass all aspects of evaluating a client’s reservoirs and are only deemed successful if they address our client’s ultimate goal which is usually maximizing economic value at minimal risk. Our services include:

  • Integrated Reservoir Studies: Management and performance of fully integrated studies, focusing on the importance of integrating the characterizations from each of the scientific disciplines: geophysics, geology, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering.
  • Reservoir Characterization: Geological modeling of sand deposition; Fracture characterization to define vertical and horizontal connectivity and matrix and fracture porosity using proprietary technology.

  • Reservoir Engineering: PVT phase behavior (black oil and compositional), saturation functions (relative permeability, capillary pressure, end-point analyses), well test analysis, production analysis, standard and compositional material balance.
  • Reservoir Simulation: Specializing in building simulation models for any commercial simulator for black oil, compositional and thermal options. Gas storage reservoir modeling experience in aquifers, depleted oil and gas fields. Experience in clastic and carbonate reservoirs