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Founded in 1995 with a focus on supplying its clients with unparalleled well and reservoir analysis, NITEC LLC is a leading provider of technical solutions for reservoir management to the oil and gas industry, worldwide.

  • Unconventional Solutions
  • Conventional Solutions
  • Gas Storage Solutions
  • CO2 Storage Solutions
Unconventional Solutions

Unconventional Solutions

NITEC has broad experience in use of numerical modeling of hydraulically fractured horizontal wells in maximizing asset value. NITEC’s proven technology and workflow help design and optimize asset development by addressing the following critical decision questions: Number of wells per DSU, Well landing, Vertical and horizontal well placement (spacing, staggering), Number, type, and size of the hydraulic fracture stages, Sequence of fracture treatments in pad completions (zippering), Placement of infill wells in areas of depletion (infill/offset relationship), and Implementation of EOR (Feasibility, pilot design, and evaluation, full-field development).

Conventional Solutions

Conventional Solutions

The reservoir evaluations NITEC has performed over the years vary in size, complexity, and reservoir type, reflecting the variations found in petroleum reservoirs worldwide. Our projects include volatile oil, medium and heavy oils, gas-condensate, gas, and gas storage fields found in clastic and carbonate lithologies with varying degrees of faulting and fracture complexity. Due to

Gas Storage Solutions

Gas Storage Solutions

Over 30 years providing decision support to gas storage companies for new field development, due diligence/field acquisition, inventory verification, and reservoir modeling for optimizing operations, storage expansion, gas migration control, deliverability improvement, and infrastructure investment for all types of reservoir storage fields, depleted oil/gas & aquifers in sandstone & carbonates.

CO2 Storage Solutions

CO2 Storage Solutions

NITEC developed CO2 storage assessment experience through DOE awarded projects. NITEC not only developed software for this purpose but also developed representative simulation models of individual oil and gas reservoirs in currently depleted GOM fields. CO2 sequestration in over 200 individual reservoirs is being simulated to better understand the impact of pressure, depth, reservoir depletion and fluid properties on the sequestration process.

NITEC Technologies

  • LYNX®


    LYNX is NITEC’s integrated workflow-based software for reservoir modeling and simulation. Its design is focused on streamlining pre-processing of the data needed for simulation in a unified database. Its unique reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering tools supports geoscience and engineering staff to work more efficiently. It provides various engineering assessment tools to quickly analyze the data and simulation results. LYNX has been in development for over 15 years and contains many technologies within including functionalities/workflows specific to Unconventional basins.

  • COZview & COZsim | CO2/EOR Simulator

    COZview & COZsim | CO2/EOR Simulator

    In 2010 NITEC was awarded a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop an integrated simulation software and interactive user interface to aid smaller operators in evaluation of CO2-EOR for their fields. This effort resulted in the delivery of a publically accessible reservoir simulator and user interface (COZView and COZSim) in February 2013. This 4-component, compositional simulator is capable of addressing continuous and WAG CO2 injection, as well as CO2 sequestration. Miscibility is automatically calculated based on fluid and reservoir properties and compositions. Extensive graphical and 3-D displays are available. Over 130 downloads of the software have occurred to date.

NITEC: Experienced Professionals

Since its inception, NITEC has had the opportunity to perform many large-scale, fully-integrated studies on highly complex reservoirs as wells as optimization and design studies for unconventional plays to maximize their asset value. NITEC’s commitment to utilize, design and develop new technologies and workflows enabled NITEC to adapt quickly to the emerging challenges of the industry and provide technical solutions to these challenges.

NITEC staff has extensive experience in the international petroleum industry. Their expertise covers all aspects of reservoir engineering, characterization and numerical simulation, in addition to management of complex reservoir evaluation studies. They are very accomplished at integrating a multitude of data sources into to a concise reservoir description and creating an optimal development plan and decision support. They typically are tasked with the most difficult geological environments, fluid systems, and recovery processes.

Global Clients

NITEC has significant experience in managing large multi-discipline (geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and facilities) projects with U.S. and international clients. (Project teams are structured along disciplinary lines with a Project Manager experienced in coordinating and integrating the work of the various groups.) NITEC prides itself in its ability to maximize the benefits of available data in the analysis process through a well-practiced integration approach to provide decision support to the clients.

Building upon its founding goal, NITEC has continued to grow each year both in the number of projects awarded and in the company’s reputation and recognition for producing highly technical solutions for reservoir management.