Our Company

Founded in 1995 with a focus on supplying its clients with unparalleled well and reservoir analysis, NITEC LLC provides technical solutions for reservoir management to the oil and gas industry, worldwide.

Since its inception, NITEC has had the opportunity to perform many large-scale, fully-integrated studies on highly complex reservoirs in addition to optimization and design studies for unconventional plays to maximize their asset value. NITEC’s commitment to utilize, design, and develop new technologies and workflows has enabled NITEC to adapt quickly to the emerging challenges of the industry and to provide technical solutions to these challenges.

NITEC’s project-based evolution of proprietary software tools, coupled with its engineers’ outstanding technical capabilities, makes us uniquely qualified to assist our clients with their well and reservoir evaluation needs. NITEC provides decision support to its clients empowering them to maximize their returns on investments while minimizing their risks. NITEC’s technical software development capabilities differentiate the company from its competitors.

Building upon its founding goal, NITEC has continued to grow each year both in the number of projects awarded and in the company’s reputation and recognition for producing highly technical solutions for reservoir management.

Our Services

NITEC services encompass all aspects of reservoir evaluation. Our goal is to provide decision support for management through best possible technical solutions on reservoir characterization, data integration, and engineering analysis, which lead to a better understanding of the reservoir and better economic decisions.

Our services include:

  • Unconventional Reservoir Evaluation: Physics-based unified modeling of hydraulic fracturing and reservoir flow to address a number of wells per DSU, horizontal and vertical well placement, hydraulic fracturing optimization, the sequence of zippered stimulations for pad completions, parent-child well interaction, placement of infill wells in depleted areas, re-fracturing, EOR design, and implementation.
  • Integrated Reservoir Studies: Management and performance of fully integrated studies, focusing on the importance of integrating the characterizations from each of the four scientific disciplines: geophysics, geology, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering for conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
  • Reservoir Characterization: Geological modeling of sand deposition. Fracture characterization to define vertical/horizontal connectivity and matrix/fracture porosity using proprietary technology.
  • Reservoir Engineering: PVT phase behavior (black oil and compositional), saturation functions (relative permeability, capillary pressure) rate and pressure transient analysis (RTA, PTA), production analysis, standard and compositional material balance.
  • Reservoir Simulation: Focus on building simulation models for any commercial simulator for black oil, compositional, and thermal applications. Experienced in natural and hydraulically fractured, conventional, and unconventional reservoirs.
  • Gas Storage Modeling: Modeling of Underground Gas Storage in aquifers, depleted oil, and gas fields includes material balance, simulation and integrated studies.
  • Support for Arbitration, Litigation, Technical Expert Reports
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Software development and potential evaluation.

Our Experience

NITEC has significant experience in managing large multi-discipline (geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and facilities) projects with U.S. and international clients. NITEC is very accomplished in integrating a multitude of data sources into a concise reservoir description and evaluating development plans for decision support. This integration is aided by NITEC’s in-house software, LYNX, which greatly facilitates the workflow for reviewing, interpreting, coordinating, simulating and viewing the data. NITEC has provided integrated reservoir studies, field development plans, and property evaluations to private and national oil and gas companies in the U.S.A., Mexico, South America, Middle East, Far East, and Russia. NITEC has applied its workflow successfully to many DSUs in Bakken, Three Forks, Eagle Ford, Barnett, Wolfcamp, Spraberry,3rd Bone Sand and Shale, Mississippi Lime, Niobrara, Montney, Meramec, Osage, Piance, Pinedale and Woodbine formations.

Reservoir simulation is a routine tool utilized in these studies and has included:

  • unconventional reservoir evaluation
  • primary field development
  • infill well location optimization
  • water flooding
  • CO2 injection
  • CO2 sequestration
  • gas storage
  • thermal recovery
  • hydrocarbon and N2 gas injection
  • WAG processes
  • periodic reserves reporting

Our Goals

To provide technical solutions through the best possible reservoir characterization, data integration, and engineering analysis, which lead to better understanding of the reservoir to make better economic decisions.

To automate and integrate processes to improve workflow efficiency and the reliability of our results, thereby achieving more timely outcomes.

To develop new workflows and technologies for obtaining the maximum knowledge from available data, to maximize the return on investments while minimizing the risks.