When we find that existing technologies and software tools do not adequately or efficiently address a technical problem, we will attempt to improve or develop new technology to bridge the gap. This has resulted in numerous software developments to aid our engineers in the performance of their work and to improve the quality and timeliness of results provided to our clients.

  • LYNX®


    LYNX is NITEC’s integrated workflow-based software for reservoir modeling and simulation. Its design is focused on streamlining pre-processing of the data needed for simulation in a unified database. Its unique reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering tools supports geoscience and engineering staff to work more efficiently. It provides various engineering assessment tools to quickly analyze the data and simulation results. LYNX has been in development for over 15 years and contains many technologies within including functionalities/workflows specific to Unconventional basins.

  • COZview & COZsim | CO2/EOR Simulator

    COZview & COZsim | CO2/EOR Simulator

    In 2010 NITEC was awarded a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop an integrated simulation software and interactive user interface to aid smaller operators in evaluation of CO2-EOR for their fields. This effort resulted in the delivery of a publically accessible reservoir simulator and user interface (COZView and COZSim) in February 2013. This 4-component, compositional simulator is capable of addressing continuous and WAG CO2 injection, as well as CO2 sequestration. Miscibility is automatically calculated based on fluid and reservoir properties and compositions. Extensive graphical and 3-D displays are available. Over 130 downloads of the software have occurred to date.

  • FORECASTINGPRO® | Predictions

    FORECASTINGPRO® | Predictions

    ForecastingPro® is the latest technology from NITEC for evaluation of uncertainty associated with prediction case scenarios in reservoir simulation. ForecastingPro uses defined uncertainties in a reservoir and operating parameters and the simulation model to evaluate the probability of the performance results. The results are displayed as rate and cumulative production and injection profiles as a […]

  • PLANNINGPRO® | Field/Well Development Planning

    PLANNINGPRO® | Field/Well Development Planning

    PlanningPro is an extension of the technologies encompassed in NITEC’s MatchingPro software. It is designed to aid the user in developing optimal drilling locations and schedules. The software utilizes all available computing resources and provides flexibility to the user in defining and scheduling the drilling program. Planning Pro utilizes a proprietary process to evaluate prospective […]

  • MATCHINGPRO® | History Match Assistance

    MATCHINGPRO® | History Match Assistance

    The MatchingPro functionality in LYNX accelerates the HM process through improved understanding of the HM quality (error) relative to individual model parameter changes. The effects on the HM quality of a large range of values for multiple model parameters can be rapidly accessed after a few preliminary simulation runs. Genetic algorithms find the global minimum. […]