Latest Changes


Changes in the latest version of COZSim/COZView Released 12/10/13


  1. Gas in place units on Model Volumetrics screen; SCF corrected to MSCF
  2. Net to Gross Ratio and Net Thickness in Layer Properties are now active. Only Gross thickness was used previously.
  3. Gas units in simulation production result tables; some were labeled SCF rather than MSCF.
  4. Revisions to CO2-oil miscibility calculations; minor changes to improve accuracy and model stability.
  1. In-place-volumes added to simulation field result plots.
  2. Case creation within a project added.
  3. Case comparison field plots include new project cases as well as old optimization cases.
  4. WAG scheduler added to facilitate setting up WAG well rate schedules.

Supplement to User Manual

An supplement to the original user manual is available to download for users who only want to see information about the added features. This information is also included in the currect version of the user manual.
Click Here to download the supplement.