COZView/COZSim Details



  • 3 dimensional, corner point geometry
  • Black Oil plus CO2
  • 4 components (H2O, Oil, HCgas, CO2)
  • Fully implicit formulation
  • Multi-threaded, uses all cores of new CPUs
  • Variables: pressure and overall mole fractions
  • HCgas and CO2, soluble in both Aqueous and Oleic phases
  • Built-in CO2 correlations, only need Black Oil data
  • Built-in miscibility calculations based on IFT
  • Multiple initialization logic, at times to bypass history matching process
  • End-point scaling for Kr and Pc
  • Pc as a function of IFT
  • Rate and BHP constrained wells
  • Wellbore cross flow
  • Well actions (workover and shut-in) based on limits
  • Field constraints for production, injection and re-cycling
  • Bulk pressure used for VLE
  • Phase pressures used for phase properties
  • Plug-in your own PVT and/or Kr and Pc routines
  • IF..ELSE..ENDIF logic for array manipulation
  • Built-in array operators
  • Built-in stochastic array generation and perturbation using CDFs
  • Dual-porosity, n-porosity
  • Molecular Diffusion
  • Bubble-point pressure suppression for ultra-tight reservoirs

  • SQL database
  • Load/Generate data once
  • Multiple projects in the database
  • Multiple cases in a project
  • Save all simulation results for immediate access
  • Simple structural model development
  • Corner point grid
  • Import ECL grids
  • Reservoir properties -vertical wells
  • PVT data generation
  • Saturation Functions
  • Well controls
  • Field controls
  • Economic parameters
  • Deck building
  • Job submission
  • Automatic loading of results
  • 2D, 3D post-processing, printing
  • Optimization (up to 8 variables) for NPV
  • Job queuing for optimization calculations
  • Optimization case comparison
  • Sensor® simulator support
Planned Enhanced Version capabilities - Requires software Maintenance, Enhancement and Support (ME&S) contract with NITEC. Call 303-292-9595.

Coming soon!
  • MatchingPro® interface
  • PlanningPro® interface
  • ForecastingPro® interface
  • OptimizationPro interface
  • Server-network simulation option
  • Surface network option
  • GPU-based parallel/multi-threaded solvers
These features will require separate software license agreements.

Sensor® is a registered trademark of Coats Engineering, Inc.
MatchingPro®, PlanningPro®, and ForecastingPro® are registered trademarks of NITEC LLC