LYNX Description


LYNX has powerful pre- and post- processing capabilities along with unique simulation input and output data analysis technologies. Some of these technologies, such as HM “mismatch” maps, comparison of multiple HM cases, polygon picking to create well groups, rigorous utilization of RFT and PLT data, and the unique MatchingPro technology provide a powerful guide to assist the engineer in closing the history match gap.

LYNX significantly accelerates the HM process and enhances the quality of

  • the reservoir characterization,
  • the numerical simulation history match, and
  • the simulation prediction analyses.

The software’s single database eliminates possible data transfer errors, provides a consistent single source for data, and significantly reduces the amount of time required to perform integrated studies.

It can handle multiple characterization cases/multiple upscaled simulation grids (models) and provide a comparison of results among them. It is a simulator pre- and post- processor with the analysis tools needed to truly integrate all the data and maintain consistency between the geologic model and the numerical simulation model.

The MatchingPro functionality in LYNX accelerates the HM process through improved understanding of the HM quality (error) relative to individual model parameter changes. The affects on the HM quality of a large range of values for multiple model parameters can be rapidly accessed after a few preliminary simulation runs. Genetic algorithms find the global minimum. This results in recommended parameter values for further improvement in the HM quality. The entire MatchingPro process, which is highly automated, requires engineering judgments from the user at key steps in the process. A patent is pending on the MatchingPro methodology.