NITEC has tremendous experience in modeling and designing EOR projects in many fractured and non-fractured conventional reservoirs. These projects include hydrocarbon gas injection, nitrogen injection, CO2 injection, water injection, polymer injection, steam injection, and WAG injection projects.

There is significant interest today in the area of carbon capture and sequestration. Sequestration is often coupled with EOR when oil fields are in the vicinity of the CO2 source (gas plant, power plant, or manufacturing facility). NITEC has completed numerous feasibility studies to evaluate the oil recovery potential under CO2 injection, EOR. The studies have included WAG and continuous injection development schemes. These studies require close attention to reservoir characterization and to the phase behavior of the reservoir oil and CO2. Miscible and immiscible recovery processes have been investigated.

The following CO2 investigations have been completed in recent years:

  • Elk Hills (USA)
  • Big Muddy (USA)
  • Los Perales (Argentina)
  • S. Glenrock ‘B’(USA)
  • S. Glenrock ‘C’ (USA)
  • Grieve (USA)
  • Cole Creek (USA)
  • Bab (Abu Dhabi)
  • Hilight (USA)