The COZView/COZSim software has been developed under a Federal Cooperative Agreement sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory and developed by NITEC LLC.

The software was designed to aid in accelerating CO2-EOR technical studies for small to mid-sized oil field operators within the USA. The objective was to develop a tool that includes all the significant physical and chemical factors that impact the flow and recovery of reservoir fluids, yet make the simulation modeling building and evaluation process fast enough so that an integrated feasibility study can be completed in a relatively short time period.

The software integrates a friendly, interactive user interface (COZView) for pre and post-processing of simulation results with the comprehensive 3-dimensional, 3-phase, 4-component reservoir simulator (COZSim) capable of modeling CO2-EOR in oil reservoirs. Simulation of CO2sequestration in aquifers can also be modeled, although chemical reactions of CO2 with the formation are excluded. Internal correlations aid the user in developing PVT, relative permeability, capillary pressure, CO2-oil miscibility, and CO2-water solubility data. While the software was developed for CO2-EOR investigations, conventional oil field depletion and water and gas injection can also be simulated.

Graphical 2-D plot displays of PVT and relative permeability data, as well and field simulation reservoir pressure, rate and cumulative production/injection plots are provided. Three dimension displays of formation properties and dynamic simulation results (pressure, saturations, miscibility, etc.) are also available. An optimization functionality allows CO2-EOR operational scenarios to be optimized based on net present value calculations.

Download COZView/COZSim Manual (pdf)

The DOE/NETL funded version of COZView/COZSim is provided free of charge. The download includes a User Manual and a number of Tutorial examples, but does not include user support or access to future software enhancements. NITEC offers a Maintenance, Support and Enhancement service for the software at a nominal annual cost. Training services are also available. Please contact Bill Savage at 303-292-9595 for more information. Limited Installation support can be accessed via or by contacting COZ Support at 303-292-9595.

This installation for COZView/COZSim is intended for systems running Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) which are up to date on service packs and patches. The software may install and operate under other system configurations, but any such use is strictly unsupported, highly unadvisable, and is “At Your Own Risk”.

Download Software (103 MB Self-Extracting Zip Installer)

*Please be advised that 8 out of 10 users have experienced problems installing because they did not read and follow the Installation Guide. Following the Guide to the letter will significantly improve your chances of successfully installing and using the software.