Cetin (Chet) Ozgen, Owner and Technical Director

Mr. Ozgen is responsible for the overall quality of the consulting studies and the development of internal technology. Since 1995, he has performed or managed in excess of 100 reservoir studies involving dry gas, gas condensate, volatile oil, and black-oil fields.

Reservoir depositional environments have included Eolian, fluvial, deltaic, near-shore, turbidites, volcanics, basements, and more recently, shale oil and shale gas resources. Studies have involved a high degree of specialization in naturally fractured reservoirs for clastic, basalt, granite, and carbonate environments. His experience includes projects on primary, secondary and tertiary recovery processes (including CO2), with the emphases on field development planning.

As the Technical Director of NITEC, Mr. Ozgen has developed software technologies for stratigraphic correlations, fracture characterization, structural and property modeling, 3-D grid generation and visualization, static model generation, pre-processing of dynamic data and deck building for simulation models, a 4-component, fully implicit numerical simulation software (COZSIM), extensive post-processing including assisted history matching and uncertainty analysis through experimental design. Besides reservoir engineering and numerical simulation, his research interests include artificial intelligence-based software development for book- and tacit-knowledge capture.

He was the Principal Investigator and lead developer of a CO2-EOR software project that was co-funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory; A Full-featured User-Friendly CO2-EOR and Sequestration Planning Software (DE-FE0006015). He also served as the Principal Investigator for DOE-NETL project on Offshore Storage Resource Assessment (DE-FE0026392).

From 1985 to 1993, Mr. Ozgen worked for Scientific Software-Intercomp, Inc. (SSI), where he held various software development and engineering consulting positions. He was the Vice President of Reservoir Engineering Software Products at the time of his departure from the company in 1993. Prior to his employment at SSI, he worked at Sohio Petroleum Corporation (currently BP) from 1982 to 1985 in the development planning of the Prudhoe Bay Field.

Mr. Ozgen has published sixteen technical papers on various aspects of numerical simulation and is the co-author of the SPE Primer; Reservoir Simulation: History Matching and Forecasting, January 2013. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Petroleum Sciences and Engineering (Elsevier Publishing) and has served as a Member of the Editorial Board. Within the Society of Petroleum Engineers, he chairs the Forum Series Coordination Committee and serves in FSI, M&I and RD&D committees. He has chaired Industry Forums and Applied Technology Workshops and has been an invited speaker or panel member at SPWLA and SPE events. He has provided expert testimony in front of Michigan State Oil and Gas Commission. Mr. Ozgen is a Director/Partner at Ridgeway Kite Software Ltd. (UK) and consults with several companies on their M&A activities.