NITEC’s unconventional EOR project experience covers both hydrocarbon gas injection and water injection.

NITEC provides assistance in investigating potential areas that are candidates for EOR, and selection of DSUs for pilot injection. The first stage of evaluation is the screening process where different injectants are analyzed. For the second stage, NITEC concentrates on the actual section(s) or lease(s) that are considered for EOR. Models are built and calibrated to understand/verify the geology, petrophysics, and geomechanics. The objective is to determine communication among the wells and matrix access – which are strongly impacted by different generations/types of hydraulic fracturing. The third stage involves the design and analyses of various injection and production schemes that may provide beneficial economic outcomes. The fourth stage involves pilot design, assuming that the project has a positive economic outlook.

A typical list of sensitivities that are performed to design and optimize a huff ‘n puff pattern are as follows:

  • Injection fluid composition
  • Fill up time and volume
  • Injection rates
  • Injection and soak times
  • Injection order
  • Production time
  • Production order
  • Maximum injection pressure
  • Minimum production pressure
  • Well Scheduling

NITEC is one of the very few companies with modeling experience of actual unconventional huff and puff pilot projects.